Subject: Allies = United States of America  

Excerpt from p. 79 - 80

With respect to the island of Taiwan, the term "Allied Powers" or "Allies" in this Article essentially refers to the United States. To clarify, in describing the Second World War and the Peace Treaty of San Francisco, this Article has referred to the victorious States over Japan as Allied Powers or Allies. But it is clear that it was the United States that fought with and defeated Japan. It was to the United States that Japan surrendered. It was the United States that, as the victorious State, won the right to dispose of Japan's territory as it wished. It was the United States that assigned Chiang Kai-shek's R.O.C. government to occupy and administer the island of Taiwan on its behalf. So, fifty years later, the R.O.C. government still acts as an agent of the United States. The passage of time will not change, and has not changed, the legal relationship of agent and principal.

Excerpt from p. 13   (footnote 58)
(58) General MacArthur recalled that "none of these powers [Russia and the United Kingdom] had been forthcoming with troops to fight the Pacific War when we [the United States] needed them. We had borne the burden with Australia . . . . "   DOUGLAS MACARTHUR, REMINISCENCES 291 (1964).

One-China Policy and Taiwan

by Y. Frank Chiang
Fordham International Law Journal  Vol. 28:1, December 2004

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