Taiwan History

Areas Conquered by U.S. Military Forces and therefore under USMG Jurisdiction

-- with later "new disposition" by peace treaty

AreaTreatyCame into forceEnd of USMGUSMG supplanted by
CaliforniaTreaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, Art. 5July 4, 1848Dec. 20, 1849civil government for California (USA)
Puerto RicoTreaty of Paris, Art. 2April 11, 1899May 1, 1900civil government for Puerto Rico (USA)
PhilippinesTreaty of Paris, Art. 3April 11, 1899July 4, 1901civil government for Philippines (USA)
GuamTreaty of Paris, Art. 2April 11, 1899July 1, 1950civil government for Guam (USA)
CubaTreaty of Paris, Art. 1April 11, 1899May 20, 1902civil government for Cuba (Republic of Cuba)
RyukyusSFPT, Art. 3April 28, 1952May 15, 1972civil government for Ryukyus (Japan)
TaiwanSFPT, Art. 2bApril 28, 1952-- ? ---- ? --

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