Government in Exile

(1) When the Republic of China moved its central government to occupied Taiwan in December 1949, establishing the ROC's temporary capital in Taipei, it was moving outside of China's national territory and immediately became a government in exile.

(2) Definitions of government in exile are provided as follows:
A government whose chief executive and other principal officials have fled their state in the face of hostile armed forces but which is recognized as the de jure government of its native country by at least one other state.

A temporary government moved to or formed in a foreign land by exiles who hope to rule when their country is liberated.

A government established outside of its territorial base.

A government set up in another country, territory, etc. that is dedicated to the goal of recovering its homeland.

A political group that claims to be a country's legitimate government, but for various reasons is unable to exercise its legal power, and instead resides in a foreign country. Governments in exile usually operate under the assumption that they will one day return to their native country and regain power.

A government which has either been forced out by revolution or usurpation, or invaded and taken over by another nation, and is now taking refuge elsewhere.

A body which claims to be the legitimate government of a state, but which is unable to establish itself in the state in question.

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